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Precision beats power. Timing beats speed.

This is advice for the smaller defender against a larger assailant. This is wisdom for those of us who may be slowing down somewhat as we get a little older. “Precision beats power. Timing beats speed.”

In Karate, we work on developing explosive power employing full-body dynamics and we train to improve speed. More critically, we consistently work on targeting / precision and timing. From basics, through kata, bunkai and partner work: knowing and hitting precise targets is critical. Whether it be the jushin line, atemi points, or various pressure points, always know your targets. Timing is developed through partner work. Developing the flow from a block to a strike, or a combination that starts defensive but turns to offence engrains a sense of timing. Sparring, although it sits more on the sport side of karate as opposed to the self-defense camp, is an excellent tool for developing timing.


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