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It takes a village

If you want excellence in your life, surround yourself with excellent people. Saturday was the Black Belt grading at Driftwood Martial Arts, including candidates from Heritage Martial Arts, as well as our two students from White Heron. Ten candidates in total took the floor, with participants testing to Jr. Black through to San Dan. It is inspiring to see such a large community of people of all ages and all walks of life pushing themselves to their limits. Congratulations to our two local candidates, Corinne and Dan, for testing to shodan, along with everyone who rose to the challenge. Thank-you to Kyoshi Rice and Kyoshi Fries for hosting, everyone who assisted, senior belts marking, ukes being thrown around, sparring partners who geared up, along with dojo family and friends for your moral support. I was reminded recently that “It takes a village”, and it certainly does. #karatefamily #karateforlife


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