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Hanshi Montalvo is Back!

Hanshi Montalvo was back in Canada! November 24th he presented another great seminar. Hanshi’s real world experience as a retired ATF Special Agent, along with his impressive karate resume, including 36 full-contact karate and kickboxing fights, with an indomitable record (33-3 and 29 knockouts), all provide him with a wealth of martial arts experience, which he freely shares. 

 This session, he divided the lesson between fighting tactics when sparring, with the second half of the seminar focused on self-defense techniques. The sparring lesson focused on tactics to “hide the tell”, and through partner drills included some of the following:

  • how to strike an opponent without them being able to read that you are starting your move. 

  • Footwork to close distance quickly 

  • Using your partner’s guard to hide your hands

  • Angles of strikes to get past specific opponent’s guards 

Sprinkled throughout the session, Hanshi shared stories of his past. All in all, the evening was an educational and inspiring event. I highly recommend anyone who has the chance to train with Hanshi Montalvo to seize the opportunity.

I cannot emphasize enough the value of seminars. When you get a chance to train with a master, you should always take it. You will almost invariably learn new skills, and at the very least you will refine existing skills. Surrounding yourself with like-minded enthusiasts presents the opportunity to make new friends and strengthen old acquaintances. Finally, more than anything, seminars present the opportunity for inspiration!


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