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Hanshi Montalvo Seminar

Hanshi Montalvo taught another great seminar back on June 20th!

Hanshi Montalvo is a truly incredible man. He a tenth degree blackbelt in Goju-ryu Karate. He is a retired ATF special agent, who worked undercover narcotics in Florida and Puerto Rico, As such, he brings a real-world perspective to life-and-death practical self-defence karate. His stories alone are incredible. You can read about one of his experiences in Ripley's Believe it or Not.

This seminar focused on self-defence techniques that target the head and face. There is an old saying "where the head goes, the body follows". In this seminar, we practiced various take-downs, taking the head. The session's focus on the face was also excellent for many students who find touching the face uncomfortable. The face has several pressure points: nose, eyes, ears, temples, all of which make excellent targets. These targets can only be made effective if they are practiced.

Seminars offer unique opportunities to train not only with different instructors, but also with training partners from different dojos. It was great seeing students from so many different clubs all seizing this opportunity.

White Heron students training with Hanshi Montalvo


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