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Goju-ryu Seminar in Orangeville

On Saturday I travelled up to Orangeville to teach a Goju-ryu seminar at Kushindokai Karate. They are a fantastic club with a great instructor and strong, focused students.

Working with junior belts, everything is new and exciting. They were great fun. Working with senior belts of a different school, I find especially rewarding. Basics that are common between systems were powered through, strong and crisp. Techniques that we in Goju-ryu do a little differently, you see the initial hesitation, then the senior belts lock in, make the adjustment and go. There are more commonalities than differences in our systems. Further, there are only so many ways to move the human body, and even fewer ways yet to generate power. Seeing other systems opens ones eyes to further interpretations of one’s own school, and strengthens one’s own art.

There are many paths up the mountain, but they all meet at the top.


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