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Top 5 Ways to Improve Practice

In last week's karate in the park we blasted basics and kata. Hard and strong, it was simply review, review, review.

The session was good for shaking off some of the rust that had crept in. It was also a good reminder for some to start their summer workout program.

In thinking about training, here are five best practices for improving the quality of your training in karate, or any art.

1. Start slow and build up gradually.

2. Practice often and take breaks.

3. Remove distractions. No cell phones.

4. Focus on your weaknesses.

5. Visualize the technique in your mind. Studies have shown that simply walking through a technique in your mind is a powerful tool for improving physical abilities.

For more on how to practice effectively, check out the linked Ted Talk below. The next adult karate in the park session is August 14th. See you then!


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