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Living with a Seal

What is there to do in lockdown? Train & read. And if the reading motivates training, all the

better. “Living with a Seal” by Jesse Itzler, fits this bill to a T. It’s funny, light, a fast, easy read, and it inspires. This is the story of when a middle-aged entrepreneur, Itzler, hires the toughest man on the planet to live with him as his personal trainer. It’s a whole different level of intensity. This book made my reading list a couple of years ago when I listened to this Youtube interview with Itzler. Now that I’ve finally picked up the book, I devoured it in a day. The Navy Seal Itzler hired is David Goggins. If you follow my posts, you know I’ve written about Goggins a few times. If you are looking for motivation, this book works. If you are training hard, and think you are going as hard as possible, think again. Read this book.

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