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Leaping Leopards

What do you do when a fantastic karate instructor visits your dojo for not one but two epic seminars? Well, after admiring the photos and reviewing my notes, the nature of these seminars was so radically different, that I will do my best to summarize them in not one, but two blog posts.

First, I want to offer a huge thank-you to Kushindokai’s Sensei Michael for making the trip to St. Jacobs to teach these wonderful seminars. Here, I’ll talk about the kids seminar, later I will summarize the adult session.

In the kids class Sensei Michael taught the Leopard Kata. With its long sweeping movements, high-flying jumps and deep stances, students had great fun learning this classic Kung Fu form. I was somewhat blown away when later in the week, a student demonstrated the kata almost in its entirety. This was most impressive, and frankly above and beyond my expectations from this seminar. A form such as this is usually taught over a period of months, not in a single session.

What you can get out of this type of seminar, and the reason I love them, is a sense for the very different types of movement and stances that are signature of different arts. It deepens my appreciation for the martial arts in general, and strengthens my understanding of my own art.

For lots of great photos, check out the photo album here on Facebook.


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