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The Power of Now

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Imagine Eckhart Toole's book "The Power of Now" narrated by Joe Rogan. That's what I'm looking for! Why, you ask? The Power of Now is a brilliant book that speaks to mindful meditation. Tolle speaks to 'presence' and specifically to living in the present because simply that is all there is. The strategies he speaks to, can be applied anywhere, at any time. Personally, I find them most easily engaged during Tai Chi sessions. When we are consciously relaxed, focused on our breath, and in flow, we are living in the now and fully present.

It is for all of these wonderful reasons that I own a paperback copy of this book. I've read it in the past, and it's one of those quality books that is worth re-reading every few years. This time around, I am listening to the audio book. The value of the narrative remains the same. Tolle narrates the book himself, and does a good job. But, I have to admit, I kinda wish the book was narrated by Joe Rogan instead. The book would simply pack a different punch.

It's a case of the message and the medium. Tolle's message is a powerful one. But when he speaks to 'surrendering to the current moment' with his soft, passive voice, the message is true but the medium doesn't resonate with me. Embracing the now, is a powerful state of being. Stephen Kotler wrote about it in The Rise of Superman. Next time around, I'll stick with the hard copy.


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