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Our Story

At White Heron Martial Arts, we teach traditional Japanese Goju-Ryu Karate-do. Students are held to the highest standards through standardized Black belt gradings held in conjunction with fellow member Ronin Goju Kai Karate clubs.

Our primary location is in Elmira at the Woolwich Memorial Centre, conveniently located for those of us living in Woolwich. The WMC is a large, clean and bright facility, with great energy. We are now excited to offer additional classes for youth ages 6-8 years old at our Heidelberg dojo.


We offer training in traditional Japanese Goju-Ryu Karate-do, as well as the Chinese internal arts of Niei Chi and Tai Chi. The soft flowing nature of Tai Chi, make these classes ideal for everyone, including seniors.


Our Karate classes are strong physical classes with a purpose. Goju blends the best of hard linear techniques with soft circular ones. Karate is a fighting art, but one in which training strengthens not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. For a little insight into the philosophical side, check out our blog page.


Students of White Heron Martial Arts have the opportunity to take part in seminars with some of today’s foremost martial arts masters. In addition to our affiliation with the Ronin Goju Kai under Hanshi Montalvo, I am also a member of the IRKRS under Hanshi Patrick McCarthy. Additionally, my training is on-going in White Crane under Hanshi Legacy and in Jodo and Iaido (sword) under Kim Taylor Sensei. Check out the Upcoming Events section of the Schedule page for the latest seminars. We are all students first.

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