YOUNG TIGERS Membership Contract

10 Weeks Beginning Jan 8, 2020

Student Information

Parent / Guardian

Backup Contact

Buyer is signing up for the Young Tigers Program and agrees to pay the specified fee:

Child's Height:

Method of payment:
I give consent for my child to be photographed for promotional purposes.

Additional Information

The contract is made subject to these terms:

  1. White Heron Martial Arts Academy shall not be liable for any damages arising from injuries

    sustained by the student in attending the club or  in using the facilities. Student does so at his/her own risk.

  2. Buyer/Student states that the student is physically able to proceed with the exercises and instruction provided by the seller.

  3. The buyer states that he/she has disclosed all medical conditions that may have a

    bearing on the training.

I agree to these terms and conditions.