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Why Karate?

  • Get in great shape. Karate improves power, speed, strength, balance and flexibility.

  • Gain a martial education. Learn self-defence. Master strikes, blocks, joint locks, pressure-point manipulations and much more.

  • Reduce stress. Karate offers a calm state of mind: improving focus, discipline, confidence and mental acuity.

At White Heron we offer

  • Separate classes for adults and youth

  • Positive training environment for all students

  • A progressive program for all fitness levels

  • Access to seminars with top martial artists from around the globe

  • Bright, clean training space

  • Equipment for martial arts training

  • Capped class sizes for good teacher-student ratio

  • Blackbelt rankings with internationally recognized organization

A typical class

​While every class is a little different, a typical lesson plan includes:

  • Warm-up with cardio conditioning, strength and/or flexibility

  • Basics - work on the fundamentals

  • Partner work - strikes, blocks, joint-locks, sparring

  • Kata - a series of moves designed to teach self-defence principles

  • At the higher ranks, we add traditional weapons training

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