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The Florida Trail

Just crushed 12k of the Florida Trail. This shot was from a week ago when I was still psyched for running the ATB 30K. On this run, my biggest concern was the spider webs I was breaking through and the ticks. Then I passed near a marshy lake, knowing there were alligators close. I had to pause once and walk around a 4’ black snake. Signs everywhere cautioned people of the black bears. I’m not fearless. I educated myself on the area. There is only danger on this trail if someone is careless.

Now COVID-19 has reached North America. Here is the best article I’ve found on the topic. John Hopkins is also an excellent source.

Yes COVID-19 is serious and the global situation is different than it has ever been before. Educate yourself. Take time to understand the statistics behind the media's attention-grabbing headlines. Take additional precautions, but don’t panic. Acting out of ignorance is as bad as acting out of fear. Never live in fear.

The situation is rapidly evolving. At this point karate classes are cancelled for the duration of the WMC closure. We will go live online in the interim.

BTW, unlike COVID-19, the Florida Trail is sincerely very safe. Heck, over 3 days of running I passed a hiking Boy Scout troupe and even a couple of campers, including a father-daughter pair. It’s a spectacular trail.


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