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Inspiring Youth in Technology

Come out to the University of Waterloo today and tomorrow to cheer on EDSS and all of the participants at the FRC FIRST Robotics competition! This is a fantastic competition inspiring high-school students into engineering and business disciplines. If you have kids in high school now or nearing that age, I highly recommend you bring them out and see this competition for yourselves.

Team 4917 competing in Provincials 2017.

Three of our current White Heron students are on EDSS’ Team 4917 and many of our younger students will attend EDSS when they graduate to high school. EDSS has a very strong robotics program, knowledgable teachers and mentors, and a passionate team. Last year they advanced to the World Championships!

As a person who spent more than a quarter century of his professional career in high-tech, I can attest to the practicality of the real-world experience these students garner from this experience. It is invaluable.

Here is a link to this event's webpage. Look for 4917 Sir Lancerbots. The team will be dressed in green and so will the robot.


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