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End of Season

And on that note, our 2019-2020 Karate season is over. First of all congratulations to all of the students who stuck with karate through the online sessions. It’s been tough, and not the kind of physical beatdown workout ‘tough’ that some of us enjoy. It’s been a mentally wearing down tough, and so, kudos to those who continue to persevere.

Next, I want to extend a heartfelt thank-you to all of my students who’ve stuck with it. Very selfishly, I teach because you, my students, make me better. I train harder, and study further, drawing on the inspiration of our classes. So, without you, this quarantine would have been a whole lot harder. Thank-you.

Continue training through the summer. Safety permitting, we will have a couple of pop-up classes in the park through July and August.

Stay strong.


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