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covid-safe Karate

We just wrapped up our first week of covid-safe Karate classes, and after almost every one of

these classes, the question asked was: “How was it?” Well… it’s not the same. No sparring. No pad drills. Social distancing partner sticky hands, kake drills and striking drills tegumi. Bunkai is now done from afar. And did I mention no sparring! It’s not the same, but I still love it! This is Karate. We train in the fighting art with basics and kata. I’ve trained solo almost all summer long, and now being back in class with all these energized students is fantastic! Also, what would typically be partner work; self-defence, joint locks, seizing, and striking techniques, is still worked in class, only now with

social distancing. It resembles a fight scene from a bad Hollywood B movie. “Wait, that actor never even touched that guy! Why is he flying through the air?”

We are training. We are learning. We are getting stronger, faster, more flexible, and becoming better martial artists. The obstacle is the path.


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