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Canoeing with Gators

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

‘Resistance’ is a powerful force, and it wears many guises. It’s the label Steven Pressfield applied in the War of Art to the force that holds us back. It provides the reasons / excuses we tell ourselves for not doing creative or inspiring tasks. “I’m too busy.” “There’s no time.” One of resistance’s greatest tools is fear. “I’m too old.” “That’s too dangerous.” In our fear-based society, the media knows fear sells.

On our recent vacation, I wanted to kayak with monkeys. Yes, there are wild monkeys loose in Silver Springs Florida. A handful apparently got loose back in the ‘50s when filming Tarzan. Now they number over a thousand. However, the forests of central Florida are dense, and the monkeys are reclusive. Regardless, they are occasionally spotted. Anyways, if I had only read the media headlines, we never would have taken the trip. “Wild Monkeys attack Family in Florida”. It only took a little digging to realize the Youtube video was just silly, and the news media coverage that followed was the typical fear mongering. So off we went. The trip was epic. There were alligators, brightly coloured fish, tropical birds, and lush flora.

It was absolutely beautiful. Sadly we didn’t get to kayak with monkeys, but we did canoe with alligators, and that alone was pretty cool.


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