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Welcome to White Heron Martial Arts

At White Heron we train in traditional Japanese Goju-ryu Karate-do.  White Heron seeks to spark in each student a spirit of passion and enthusiasm to pursue one's goals and strive for one's ideal self.

Special Offers for New Members

Have you ever wanted to try karate? Are you looking for a workout that engages your mind and strengthens your spirit? Traditional martial arts training has a great deal to offer. Take advantage of our specials and discover karate today!

2 Months for $50+tax


Adult Classes  Ages 16+

Strong body. Focused mind

Youth Classes  Ages 9-16

Family-friendly karate classes

Getting Started

White Heron offers classes for all ages and all fitness levels. You don't need previous martial arts experience nor be in great shape to start. You need to show up.

All classes are small with a good student-to-teacher ratio. Youth classes are family-friendly. Many parents have been inspired to join karate watching their kids train.

Adult classes are dedicated only for those over the age of 15. The intensity of the training increases with belt rank, and builds slowly as students progress through the ranks.


Our Martial Arts school teaches traditional Japanese Goju-ryu Karate-do. All ages and fitness levels welcome. We understand that each student has a different style of learning, and we aim to accommodate all of our students.

Adult Karate
Ages 16+

Strong body.

Focused mind.

Youth Karate
Ages 9-16

St. Jacobs &
Elmira Dojos

Family-friendly karate classes.

Private Lessons
1-on-1 or small groups

Learn Karate, Tai Chi, self-defense at your own pace.

Tai Chi

Meditation in motion.

Karate Program

Karate is a traditional Japanese empty-hand martial art. At White Heron, the style of karate we teach is Goju-ryu. From the Japanese, ‘Goju-ryu’ translates as ‘hard-soft style’.  As it's name implies, this stye encompassing both the hard striking linear attacks such as kicks and closed fist punches, as well as softer, circular techniques, for blocking, locks, grappling, and takedowns.

Karate training improves one’s physical conditioning: power, speed, strength, balance, and flexibility. It also offers a calm state of mind: improving focus, discipline, confidence and mental acuity.

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