Sensei Dave Hoover                                                                                  
is a passionate martial artist with over 20 years of dedicated training. He holds a fifth degree blackbelt in Goju-ryu Karate-do, a third degree blackbelt in Kobudo, traditional Japanese weapons, a Level Three Teaching Certificate in Tai Chi and Niei Chi, and is shodan in White Crane.

Dave trains extensively in the martial arts. He continues his focused training in Goju-ryu Karate-do under Kyoshi Fries and Hanshi Montalvo. He trains in Iaido and Jodo under Kim Taylor Sensei, and he studies White Crane under Hanshi Legacy.  

Over the years, Dave has had the privilege to train with various martial arts masters including: Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, Colin Hyakutake Watkin Sensei (Niten-Ichi ryu, Kage-ryu), Shihan Rice, Tsubaki Sensei (Jodo), Tom Patire, Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace, Stephen Hayes (Judan, Ninjitsu), Dave Kovar, John Hackleman (UFC trainer of Randy Couture), Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez, Ernie Reves, Frances Fong (Wing Chun), Rick Walker (Muay Thai), and Hanshi Wallace Platt (Goju-ryu). Dave began his training under Sensei Gregg Skoryk. Dave has had the good fortune to study on multiple continents, including traditional karate training in Germany and Kung-fu and T'ai Chi study in China. 

Dave is a firm believer in the balance of mind, body and spirit, and in the philosophy that anything worth pursuing is worth driving with passion and excellence. Outside of the martial arts, Dave is a husband, a proud father, and he has been the Vice President of Engineering at a world-class multinational medical technology company. Dave enjoys weight training, and is an enthusiastic runner. He has competed in the Toronto Tough Mudder, and he regularly races in the Hamilton 30K Around the Bay, and various 10K road races.

Dave continuously strives to improve his knowledge and prowess in the martial arts. He considers himself a student first, and a teacher second. In his pursuit of excellence, he trains as often as he teaches.